Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean and maintain my gas fireplace?

Most manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance check by a certified professional.

Will my gas fireplace still operate during power outages?

Yes. Your fireplace has a standing pilot that is run off its own millivolt generator therefore during power outages, your fireplace will still run. Fireplace fans will not operate because they run on 110 volts but your flames will.

My fan does not work?

Almost all fans run off a temperature sensor. This means your fan will not come up until the fireplace heats for 15-20 minutes. It will continue running until the fireplace cools up to 30 minutes or more.

Why is there a white film on glass?

This is a natural by-product of minerals from natural gas. Cleaning should be done once a year by a qualified technician.

Why is there soot build up on glass or logs?

This means that the fuel-to-air ratio needs to be adjusted. There is likely incorrect log placement. If the logs have been moved, it might cause this problem.

Can you mount a TV above a gas fireplace?

A flat panel TV, like a laptop or most electronics, will give off a certain amount of heat during normal working conditions, but a TV properly mounted over your gas fireplace, will not trigger the TV to become any hotter than normal. 

Fireplaces are the most aesthetically-pleasing and attractive focal point in the house. Mounting your TV over a gas fireplace can free up much-needed space for other furniture pieces, and creates a natural WOW factor in the room.

However, to ensure your TV isn’t damaged from the heat, care must be taken to ensure heat generated by the fireplace is redirected away. A barn beam installed 12” above the fireplace or recessed drywall to sit the TV into, are two efficient ways to deflect rising hear. 

We also recommend that every fireplace include a blower to better move the rising hear into other parts of the room. These photos demonstrate how a TCV looks when professionally installed over a gas fireplace. If you are thinking about bring that WOW factor into your home, let us make it happen.

Fireplace Education

Before Winter

Don’t forget to have your natural gas fireplace serviced before the cold winter months. Annual maintenance helps to avoid any possible safety hazards.

Home Appliances

When purchasing a heating appliance, fireplace, furnace pool heater or air conditioner, make sure you buy from a store front or reputable dealer that you know and trust. The best method is to ask friends or family members who have dealt with a company in the past to give you a reference. Buying from a pick-up truck or a phone number tacked to a pole does not guarantee any warrantees or service work.

Quality and Price

A cheap price attached to an appliance usually indicates that something is left out when it comes to quality.

  • Controls are important. You need the ability to heat a room from 8000 btus to 30,000 btus when it is cold outside. Some of the cheaper models only allow the units to operate at high mode for 5 to 10 minutes at that temperature.
  • Blowers are important. A blower will direct the heat away from the appliance and direct it into other parts of the home. This option is usually overlooked at the purchasing stage and should be a priority during the install.
  • Builders Model. I refer to these units as a bic lighter in a box and is usually installed in new construction as a home selling feature. One of the negative issues with this model is that the flame height is about ½ inch above the logs and cannot be increased. The homeowner is usually disappointed with the appearance and there is nothing you can do to correct it. The upfront money is saved but the quality is cheap and the image is compromised.

Purchasing a unit out of the back of a truck. We call this method of buying “tail light guarantee”. In other words, when you can’t see the tail lights any longer, that’s when the guarantee is over. The industry refers to these type of sales people as “truck slammers” and although some are legitimate, many sellers change their phone numbers and addresses on a regular basis to prevent being on the hook for any problems.

Why purchase from FirePlace Plus Inc.?

We have been around since 1976 under the same name and at the same location. Through hard work and excellent customer service, we have built a loyal customer base that spans several family generations. We have 20-30 burning fireplaces in our modern showroom, so that you can visualize what one of these units will look like in your home.

Our licensed installers get regular training on all new fireplace products and are ready to install your dream unit. Having an excellent track record in the industry doesn’t occur over night. We have built our reputation around honesty, integrity pricing, excellent customer service and quality products. Give us a call and take the first step to owning a beautiful care free fireplace which you and your family will enjoy for years to come.